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Religious School


Wednesday 4:30PM - 6:00P

Sunday  9AM - 10AM (in time for Sunday School)

The Ten Goals of the Agudath Achim Congregation Religious School

Through the study of Judaism, the student will be presented a program to instill a faith in God and to recognize his or her role in human affairs. The program is designed to achieve the following.

  1. To provide our children with a knowledge of Jewish traditions, history, literature, ethics and culture.
  2. To stimulate the desire to maintain a love of and commitment to a lifetime of Jewish learning that extends far beyond the walls of the classroom into the future.
  3. To provide our students with the necessary skills to participate intelligently and meaningfully in home and synagogue rituals.
  4. To provide an awareness of the importance of the Hebrew language in the Jewish tradition as it binds together the Jewish people throughout the world.
  5. To provide our children with the knowledge needed for the observances of Mitzvoth which are crucial to the Jewish way of life.
  6. To guide the student in self-identification with the Jewish people of the past and become devoted to its continuance.
  7. To provide knowledge of the fundamental ethical concepts and values of Judaism and their translation into personal and group behaviors.
  8. To instill within our students a sense of Ahavat Yisrael, a love for all Jewish people and sense of Jewish identity.
  9. To impart to our students the importance of the State of Israel, its land and its people.
  10. To teach Judaism with an understanding of diversity of Jewish  practice, so that all students feel comfortable regardless of personal background or observance.